Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is a mobile app for both android and IOS, that you can use it as an office extension tool .
You can make and receive calls, share files and more, as if you were behind your desk .

  1. The first step is to sing up and create a Demo account. Sign up is free and it only takes a couple minutes.
  2. Log into your EVCOFFICE newly created account.
  3. Proceed to Settings and MY ACCOUNT
  4. Change your plan from TRIAL to any one of the available Plans for your area.
  5. Select the number of users, add bundles, select a Phone number for your PBX, and add additional funds for out of plan calls.

Congratulations and Welcome to the CLOUD!

For out of plan calls you simply need to have credit in  your account.

From the MY ACCOUNT settings in your portal, you can add credit to your account for all your out of plan calls. The credit never expires and is shared amongst all users. 

Example: Customer in the USA.

The customer has sufficient bundles and airtime in his account for calling across the USA, but he now needs to call the UK, and his current bundle for the USA does not cover calling the UK. 

In this situation, the customer can add credit to his account for out of plan calls. This amount will be used only when calling destinations that are not covered in the customers monthly plans and bundles.

The credit is passed from one month to the next and never expires. 

A virtual number otherwise called a DID is a PHONE NUMBER. We offer phone numbers from 65 countries and 1000's of cities world wide. Simply log in to your portal and order the numbers you need to expand your business. The numbers are assigned immediately and are easily manageable from your portal.
We have made adding users to your company PBX as easy as 1,2,3.
Add the email, name and mobile number of the person you want to add and create user.
All newly added users will receive a welcome email with login credentials for their webRTC account and the EVCOFFICE app.


Create profesional greetings with our Text to Speach.

Simply type the message and select the voice you like best. Save the greeting you like best.

We offer male and female voice conversions, and support English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Brazilian and Japanese voice translations.

ANYONE and EVERYONE can call you and reach you on your EVCOFFICE PBX, by simply dialing your company's phone number. Our DID's are configured to work with all providers wold wide.

You can receive / make calls, text, chat, video and exchange files and location with all your company colleagues and EVCOFFICE users for Free from your online portal and our EVCOFFICE mobile apps

Purchase Local numbers directly from your EVCOFFICE portal. For advanced management of your Local Numbers, you need to log in to myaccount.

In your customer portal you can record greetings for voicemail , and take advantage of all the free calling features.

From the Greetings menu you can manage all the greetings used in various features such as auto attendant or voicemail.

Every user has access to his own Greetings menu, and can :

  • record greeting , using microphone from pc and app.
  • upload greeting 
  • Text to speach, Type out your greeting and let our AI convert it to AUDIO. Select gender and language for the voice you want to hear on your greeting.

The greetings for the PBX auto attendant and other general IVR's can be recorded directly from the Admin login portal.

Every company user can log in to his portal and record or upload his Voicemail or other IVRs for his personal use from the My Profile menu in his account.

Caller ID is the number shown to the called parties when calling offnet numbers .

A user can choose one of the phone numbers assigned to the company i.e. the default company phone number or personal DID, as his caller id.

Only the admin user can purchase and assign phone numbers to users.

Extensions are short 3 to 4 digit numbers that are assigned to users by the Administrator.  They are used to direcly dial and call the users withih the Company PBX network.
Extensions can be assigned to:
  • Users (it makes easier to dial manually from a device)
  • Call park – extension is needed for direct pick up .
  • Call group .
  • Group intercom .
A Branch can be a department within the company or a physical location. In many situations, it helps in the management of the company directory. Also, using branches simplifies the internal numbering plans of the users.
If you do not want to use branches all users will be assigned to the “default” branch.
To enable or change your voicemail greeting, go to My profile and select the Greetings tab.
Record, upload or create using Text to Speach, your personal voicemail greeting or set your music on hold.
A user can set personalized greetings for different caller IDs.
To record a greeting click on the Record greeting option.
By enabling the call record setting on the users menu you can record all his inbound and outbound offnet calls from the PBX.
The service does not apply to onnet i.e. user to user calls, as they are always encrypted.
Only offnet calls will be recorded. 
The recordings can be heard directly from the Settings/Recordingsmenu.
This menu is available only to the admin user.

The portal includes the following set of communication tools:

• call records of all your calls
• send sms
• Record Greetings for voicemail customization
• Register phone numbers for pin less dialing. Add your home number or your number at work, and use the service with pin less dialing by calling our access numbers.
• free calls to other EVCOFFICE users
• free chat to other EVCOFFICE users
• free video with other EVCOFFICE users
• free conference calls and chats with other EVCOFFICE users

• DO NOT DISTURB - block any unwanted numbers from ever calling you again with one click. Its never been easier.
• user profile
• address book
• call forwarding management
• personal voicemail
• failed calls lists

• Send : Image ,Video ,Audio ,File ,GEO-Location ,Share contact
• Speed Dialling
• missed calls history



Although EVCOFFICE supports all desktop devices, more and more companies are choosing more flexible ways to communicate, work from home or employ valueable staff in different locations.
EVCOFFICE supports all remote working scenarios. Even wihin a companys location, use of the web portal for each user is recomended. Users can become more effective using chat, video and sharing files with coworkers within their PBX. Avoiding third party software.
Users can make calls, chat and video from the webportal, our mobile apps or from a desktop voip phone whichever way they like.
The VOIP hardware devices are very useful in many businesses, and EVCOFFICE supports all of them. 

By enabling this function you can record all offnet calls from this extension or user.
This function is enabled only by the administrator of the business and the pbx.

You can choose plans and check your payments from the account menu .
This is available only to admin users and is in the Company settings menu .

When you sign up to the EVCOFFICEPBX ,you choose the service plan.
The offered plans differ in price per user and the number of included minutes.
You can see what is your current plan and you can choose another plan by clicking on the
Change button and selecting another plan from the list. If you have atrial plan you can upgrade to a paid one .

The payments for the plan’s subscriptions are made automatically through Paypal .

The payments menu contains:

  •     Payments history
  •     Recurring payments
  •     Invoices

Invoices are generated monthly at the first day of each month. They include all the paid items.
The Recurring payments menu shows the subscription historical payments and the payments due in next payment cycle .

The Channels are collaboration tools. The group/people that work together on a given project–channel members .
Members are selected when creating a new channel or can be added to an existing channel.
To create a new channel, click on the plus icon in the channel list view.
To add new members to existing channel click on the plus member icon located above the members column in the channel main view.
An admin is by default the user who has created the channel. One channel can have multiple admins.
One admin can grant admin role to another member.
Admins can add and remove members.
All channels are permanent. They exist until there is at least one member.
Members can leave channel by clicking on the leave button in the channel info panel.
When an admin leaves a channel and there are no other admin members the system automatically assigns admin role to the first member from the list .Channels support all the chat functions available in one to one chat


You can call from the PBX portal to a user who has installed on the mobile the EVCOFFICE app .

User to user calls are referred to as free, both in the portal and mobile apps .

From EVCOFFICE PBX you can also call as well phone numbers from other networks (mobile or landline).

Video icon is available only for the onnet calls .

User to user audio calling uses HD voice codec which is also dynamically adjusting to different network conditions.

To do that you need to provitioning your VoIP Device .
The platform supports VoIP desktop phones (VoIP devices).
The recommended brand is Yealink and GrandStream but on request other devices can be added .
Each user can have multiple devices assigned to his account .
They all will register to the service using the same account .
Devices can be added:
 -by admin user through the Users menu; Admin can manage devices of other users
- by a user through the My Profile menu
To add a device, you need to click on the plus icon and then enter the following:

  •     MAC address–It is a unique address of each device, usually can be found on a sticker on device.
  •     Caller ID -You can choose a number from the list; the number will be used as caller ID for calls made from the device .

Click the Save button and then reboot the device. The device will connect to the provisioning
server and download the account configuration.
After that it should show the account name on its display and be ready to use. On the list of devices the status should be
now Provisioned .

EVCOFFICE supports all VoIP desktop phones (VoIP devices).
We have provisioned the Yealink and Grandstream IP phones to be programmed automatically from our PBX solution.
Other devices and brands can be added upon request.
Each user can have multiple devices assigned to his account.
Devices can be added:
  • by admin user through the Usersmenu; Admin can manage devices of other users
  • by a user through the My Profile menu
To add a device, you need to enter the following:
• MAC address –it is a unique address of each device, usually can be found on a
sticker on device
Click the Save button and then reboot the device. The device will connect to the provisioning
server and download the account configuration. On the profile the device status will show Provisioned, and it i now ready to use.

The Click 2 Talk feature enables communication directly from a web browser simply byclicking a link.

It is another dimension of your business phone line.

You can generate a link in EVCOFFICE portal and place it on your website, associate it with a "call me" button or use in your

email signature.

Website visitors or email recipients do not have to sign in or download any additional software as the entire app is based on technology supported by browsers.


  • HD Audio
  • Video
  • Instant Messaging .

When creating a click to call link you can decide what options should be allowed.

You can allow your customers to chat or video with you while browsing your website.

Both calls and chats can be  received on your EVCOFFICE app , or on your browser or even you can answer a click 2 Talk call on your voip phone.

Call parking is a feature that allows a user to put a call on hold and let other user pick it up and continue conversation.
The call park feature is usually activated by pressing a preprogrammed button on a phone which transfers the current conversation to a parking extension number and immediately puts the conversation on hold. This event is called parking the call and the call is said to haveparked onto a certain extension. The call can later be retrieved by dialing the parking extension number.
If no one picks up the parked call within the defined time, the system will transfer the parked call back to the person who originally parked the call .
In the Settings/Call parks menu you can create and manage call parks.
Each park has its name and timeout.
To assign an extension number, go to the Settings/Numbers menu.

Business phone lines reinvented

Get phone numbers from 1000's of cities and 65 countries.

CLICK TO CALL - a new direct line from your web or email.

Auto-attendant - create voice menus, ring groups and call schedules.

Affiliates - Distributors Program

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