Product Features

Unified voicemail

Pick up all your voicemails from any device.

Desktop hardware phones

We support all Desktop IP phones and devices.

WebRTC web client

WebRTC web client

Mobile Unified

EVCOFFICE for the office  Unified Communication app for Android and iOS

Telephone System


Call management. Online account manager.


Collaboration channels. Invite members and maximize productivity. Chat with up to 100 participants. Exchange files , chat, talk all over a secured environment.


Free Video calling & chats, document, media ( audio note, video recording, photo) and location sharing. Contact vcard sharing and much more. 

Click to Call

Unlimited Free Click to Call on each EVCOFFICE PBX. Chat, voice and video through a web link.

Mobile contacts

Sync your mobile contacts with the Portal. Option to share a number with company.

Web contacts

Private web contacts.

Access to contacts from hardware phone.

Web contacts

Private web contacts.

Access to contacts from hardware phone.

Company directory

Directory of all company employees.

Telephone System

More features

Custom music on hold

Speed dial



Advanced subscriber services allowing you to pick up a call when the extensions are busy.

Caller ID

Set caller ID for your outbound calls - it can be your verified mobile number, a DID or a company main line.

Time based routing

Timespan settings allow you to route inbound calls depending on the time of day or day of the week to specific scenarios. Example after 5pm, route calls to out of office support team.

Answering rules - Follow me and Do not disturb

Divert your calls to voicemail or to another collegue. Create multiple rules based on caller id or dialed nubmer. Direct calls to voicemail or to your colleague when you cannot answer calls.


Configure your desktop phones directly from web. Define softkeys - BLF, speed dial, channels and more. Contacts from server available in the phone.


Record your greeting from your customer portal, or upload an audio file.

Unlimited greetings.

free - TEXT to SPEECH, so you can make profesional Greetings for your business. 



Receive and send fax directly from your web portal.

Free Email to fax , and fax to email services.

see our UNLIMITED fax plan.


Call groups

Direct calls to teams all at once or sequentially.

Call park

Park calls to specific locations.

Pick up by direct dialing or with BLF.

Subbscribe to notifications on all parked calls.


Every teammate can be easily reached by dialing their 3-digit extension.

Call recording

Record and archive all inbound and out-bound calls (excluding user to user calls). Listen directly on web or download as mp3 file. Enable/disable recording per user.


Create unlimited Auto attendants for your EVCOFFICE. NO limitations. Handle your calls professionally and efficiently. Create different support and nested multilevel IVR scenarios.

Conference calling

Create permanent or adhoc conferences. Access the conference from the web or the mobile apps. Invite people to access the conference via web by providing external access with pin or allow external dial in through our access numbers.

Conference calling

Create permanent or adhoc conferences. Access from web or mobile apps. Add people not from your company as guests so they can access the conference via web. Allow external dial in through our access numbers.

Multi location

Connect your remote offices with a single phone system. Create a unified numbering plan with branch prefixes. Use branches to group users based on their roles in the company, e.g. support, sales etc.

Multi device support

Never miss a call. Receive calls on mobile, desktop phone and web. All calls and chats are synchronised across all devices.

Phone numbers

We provide a free DID in each EVCOFFICE plan. Our customers can purchase additional numbers for their EVCOFFICE PBX. Choose from 65 countries and thousands of cities world wide directly from the customer portal within seconds. Assign private telephone numbers to extensions, or open up new international markets by purchasing a local number in the area of interest. 

Business phone lines reinvented

Get phone numbers from 1000's of cities and 65 countries.

CLICK TO CALL - a new direct line from your web or email.

Auto-attendant - create voice menus, ring groups and call schedules.

Affiliates - Distributors Program

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate or distributor of our Office - PBX service? Click here to get in contact with us and learn more about our ready to bussiness service.

Download EVCOFFICE for smartphones. Enjoy the full support of all features.



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